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PARDINI helps you reach the PODIUM - Pardini leads the field in Rapid Fire in recent World Cup events in China, South Korea, the United States and Europe.  Pardini pistols were used by 22 of 29 and 22 of 30 of the Rapid Fire competitors in these events.  Competitors using Pardini Pistols also captured 5 out of 6 of the possible medals for Rapid Fire at these two events. 

The Ladies Sport Pistol event was also dominated by competitors who used the Pardini SP and the new SP1.  In South Korea 11 of 36 competitors used a Pardini SP or SP1 and won a bronze medal.  In Beijing China 21 of 45 competitors used a Pardini SP or SP1 and captured Gold and Bronze medals.

A great tribute to the design team of Pardini.  Pardini has worked very hard to maintain their leadership role in the design of their target pistols. 

NEW INNOVATION for PARDINI GUNS- New recoil systems built into the Rapid Fire pistol with Electronic Trigger, New Compensator designs for the Free Pistol and Air Pistol and the availability of Electronic trigger on the Free Pistol  as well as the Center Fire Pistol.  All of these design advancements are made to assist the shooting competitor in improving his or her performance.

The all New GT series of Sport Pistols are a very welcomed addition for the IPSIC competitors.  These totally New designs are a welcomed addition to the Pardini Line of Performance Pistols.  Available in three calibers and with two models with the availability of an extended sight radius that was only available from a custom gun shop in the past.  The Design team at Pardini has broken new ground in meeting the needs of shooting enthusiast world wide, and keeps raising he bar through design and innovative thinking.

If you would like further information about the new and exiting Pardini Pistols or any of our other products we offer please contact Western Marksman by completing this form or by e-mail at scatt.can@telus.net and we will be happy to respond promptly to all of your inquiries.